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Hi, I'm Leo.

I'm a creative director and brand strategist based in Toronto.
I've spent the past 17+ years building the brands of some exciting companies and helping them scale while getting the most out of their creative operations. I operate at the intersection of business strategy and creative execution.
Toot Fairy TV Spot
The future of pharmacy

Creative Direction

Let the pharmacy run to you. Mednow is changing what people expect from their pharmacy with personal pharmacist care; fast, free delivery and simple, smart packaging. All the easy Mednow app.

Group 54.png

Based on hundreds of 5-star Google Business reviews, we knew that when people experienced “the Mednow difference,” they loved it and told their friends. The problem was, people weren’t discovering Mednow quickly enough to drive the scale the business needed. The solution: A coming out party. Eight weeks of TV commercials, billboards and transit ads in the GTA. 

The result: Increased inbound by 200% and new patients by >160%

The Tooth Fairy
vs Adulting

Creative Direction

The Opencare Tooth Fairy confronts the pressures of daily adulting. This 30-second spot lets viewers know that finding a top-rated,  local dentist that accepts their insurance is just a click away, and the best part is, you get rewarded for it.

Opencare gets a brand makeover

Creative Direction

Opencare's brand wasn’t resonating the way it should. And the global pandemic didn't make things easier. The in-house team and I built a new foundation for the brand. A new visual style and tone that better reflects who Opencare is and why folks should care about their oral wellness. The refreshed brand better aligns with the company's values and the current climate. 

Opencare gets a brand makeover.png

Creative Direction

Recruiting top talent isn’t easy. There is fierce competition, and trying to stand out in the crowd gets more challenging every day. This video was entirely produced by the in-house team. With it, Financeit was able to invite folks to bring their ideas to work.  

Laptop 03.png
Financeit explained.png
Financeit explained

Creative Direction

The Financeit platform can be a tough sell. Most small merchants aren’t too savvy at integrating a financing tool into their day-to-day. 


The in-house creative team produced this video explaining how Financeit works.

Bring your ideas
to work
Bring your ideas to work reel.png
G Adventures splash.png
G Adventures

Art Direction

Creative Management, Photography & Design

Debbie Millman said, "Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time." The truth is brand building is not a finite project. It has no real start or end date. It is a practice that you should always be engaging in. 

At G Adventures I cut my teeth on things that were above my pay grade on the daily. I gained a wealth of experience in brand development and creative execution. 

In 2015 we distilled the brand into something clear, healthy and understandable to its global audience. 

A World of Good was born.

Culture as brand

Putting the core values on marketing materials helped G Adventures stand out against any competitors. Marketing what we believed, not what we believed would work.


Being part of a  corporate culture that celebrated its people and stood firm on its values inspired the kinds of campaigns we woould launch.

We love changing people's lives.png
Core valeus community billboard render.p
Today is your day.png
Lando billboard.png

A picture is worth a thousand words but rights-managed ones are worth thousands of dollars. 

As the company's first official unofficial photographer I developed a unique image style that set G Adventures apart from its competitors.

Setting a standard that the company has followed since. All photo and video productions at G are done in-house. 

We must have gotten it right because we even got featured by Getty Images UK. 

Do it yourself

G Swag.png

Keep it swaggy

Culturally, t-shirts make up a vital canvas for the G Adventures brand. When worn by staff, they present a critical branding opportunity to display some key messages to the world at large.

G Swag.png
Core values book render.png

In 2015, G Adventures entered into a brand partnership with National Geographic. 

An entirely new suite of brand elements was created, including typefaces, colour palette, graphic elements, photographic recommendations, and guidelines around the brand voice. All designed to fit comfortably in the G Adventures eco-system.

Work well with others

National Geographic Journeys
Nat Geo Journeys poster.png

Wanna see more? Peep my portfolio 👇

Opencare brand makeover
Financeit explained
Bring your ideas to work
G Adventures brand development
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